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Posted another solution

Today I went public with the latest solution to the iPhone Battery Drainage configuration bug.
Click workarounds to view it.


The update is delayed.
With the help of another user, I'm currently testing my latest workaround. If it is succesfull I'll post the results.
The user has a blog here :

Last bit.

Today I officially stopped my research in the battery drainage bug for the iPhone 4S under IOS 5.X. I can't go any deeper nor make it  any simpler.
I'll post my results tomorrow.

Update coming up.

Today I started trying to get rid of some other problems I'm having with my iPhone and iTunes : the nasty iTunes sync behavior : I'd keep getting the apply/revert buttons pop up for my iPhone 4S. My iPad doesn't do this...

During my search to get rid of this, I bumped into something else that was weird and what is more amazing : it is linked to the wifi sync malfunctioning behavior.

More info when I have it.


Public solution 3

Today I went public with the final solution for the iPhone WiFi sync battery drainage configuration bug.
I truly hope many people will benefit from it.

Did the latest workaround for the Apple iPhone 4S Battery Drain Bug work for you?

Apple iPhone 4S Battery Drainage Configuration Bug


The Apple iPhone 4S WiFi Drainage Configuration Bug.






Workaround #3

Today I created the video with a solution to use wifi sync on systems that could not use the feature because the battery would drain too much.

This workaround supersedes all earlier workarounds.

Tomorrow I'll create an extensive report as to how I got to the results and post the video.

Buxbusters testsheet

Here is an overview of the Numbers sheet I use to track my measurements and changes to my setup, almost every row is a measurement.



Work continues

Work on cialis online discount workaround #3 has started : a workaround to get rid of the Apple iPhone Battery Bug without removing iCloud.

Check the blog for more updates.



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